Love Your Bag? Save Your Bag!

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How do you keep your dear bags while driving around and doing errands? I happen to like to keep my bag close by, just in case I need anything from it – you never know, if you think of all that’s packed in?!

But even when it’s not scorching hot like it is right now, I still like to keep my car windows open – I admit, it bugs me because I like to play my music loud, but A/C bothers me more, so I choose to keep my windows open. But then comes the trick: if I like to keep my windows open, how do I secure my belongings? With the safety belt, duh! I put the safety belt on my bag! Because I care. Because I want to keep it. Save it from harm.

save your bag seatbelt

But isn’t it awkward? I mean.. It is a seat belt after all, not a bag seat belt! But look at this little trick below: isn’t it a neat idea? It’s discrete and pretty and you can even keep it attached to your back all the times, it doesn’t look that bad, does it?

save your bag gadget

It’s called Save Your Bag and it’s made in France! Fancy, huh? You can have in so many pretty colors to match your bag and it could literally save your bag! And it’s not a girls-only gadget. Or a men-only gadget. Mkay, maybe the color can limit its appeal for one or the other gender, but other than that, it could definitely be a clever trick applied in everyday fashion! (around $76 on saveyourbag dot com)

protect your bag with a gadget

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