Designer Stroller: Jeremy Scott Cybex Collection

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Trying to infiltrate every aspect of our existence, fashion is everywhere. From the cup you’re drinking your coffee in first thing in the morning, to the lush bedding accompanying your dreams every night. We change, fashion changes with us (and the other way around). We evolve, fashion steps up and catches up. What would a real fashionista be without her designer baby pram? Or her designer diapers bag? There’s just no way her precious baby is carried around in an ordinary baby carrier! No-oh! A real fashionista needs a real designer baby carrier!

We’ve seen it happening. A-listers, stylists, they’re all trying to keep their wee ones under their fashion umbrella. ella. Ella. And here’s the latest offering on that particularly hype segment of the market: Jeremy Scott Cybex!

Jeremy Scott Cybex Stroller collection

Cybex is an European label which seems to enjoy great success with their slightly unconventional approach to children safety apparel. Strollers, car seats, baby carriers and accessories with a colorful, joyful print-perspective. Jeremy Scott, who is clearly not a stranger to unusual design, partnered up with Cybex for a fun collection ‘Food Fight’. Food that actually fights. He’s a good match for the Cybex philosophy and a potential best seller.

Jeremy Scott Cybex Food Fight

I’m a simple girl and I used the same simple approach for my children apparel shopping list. I couldn’t care less about the print, we chose a gray stroller and I heard none of the kids complain about it! (wink) However, I would’ve loved a posh Missoni stroller or a statement designer piece that would make me smile even through a minor fatigue tantrum. And maybe, just maybe, watching scenes with food that fights could’ve lighten up my spirits… But seeing Jeremy Scott presenting his Cybex creation in that striped overall reminded me of my obsession with stripes and color. Gimme that over food fights any day!

Cybex Strollers by Jeremy Scott

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#1 ana on 06.10.13 at 9:40 am

I bought those colourful mocassins for my husband as a gift for his birthday.
Needless to say he never wore them ,
not even at home :-(

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