What To Wear For A Super BBQ Party? A Superhero Apron, Duh!

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This brings together two of the topics we already talked about: home fashion and superheroes. (have you seen that super-initiative for the children suffering from cancer I wrote about the other day?)

The BBQ season is upon us and, once more, the backyard becomes the epicenter of home-entertainment. This may not resolve a quest’s wardrobe dilemma, but, as host, I think this would be a really fun apron to wear while tending the grill! I’m still looking for the perfect apron (unlike Lauren Conrad, I wouldn’t wear a ruffled apron, I’m thinking something fun like this Superhero BBQ Apron would be more my style) and I hope you’re finding these ones below just as funny as I did. Would you wear one? Do you think men would wear them?

BBQ party outfit Superheroes

superheroes apron

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