Lauren Conrad’s New Hair And New Bedding Collection

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Isn’t it nice to finally see someone jump from a reality show into a show-worthy reality? I keep an eye out for Lauren Conrad since her Hills days and can hardly believe it that this girl used to hang out with Heidi Montag! But then again, Heidi wasn’t fashion schooled like LC here!

So while her reality show costar pushed herself on the plastic surgery table for an entire day and then plunged into oblivion for the rest of her days, Lauren keeps leading an active life professionally and socially through her continuously creative initiatives. Her latest? A bedding collection with Khol’s, where she distributes her clothing collection as well!

Lauren Conrad new hair new design adventure

Ruffled, ombre bedding and bows are ready to invade your bedroom after having decorated the rest of your crib!

romantic bedroom Lauren Conrad collection

Also, Lauren Conrad has a new haircut. Or more specifically – has updated her old haircut with bangs! Which she premiered, biensur, on her Instagram account, just like she did with her bedding collection. I may like pink and girly stuff, but I wouldn’t ruffle up my bedroom like this. It would look too much like a girl’s bedroom. Not my taste. Would decorate my daughter’s bed with ruffles and bows and stuff like that.

Lauren Conrad new haircut

And bangs? I’m considering a chop myself, although every hairstylist I knew, didn’t feel bangs were part of my face/personality. I may just be going through a FLotus phase (wink). But back to Lauren: how do you think she looks with her new hair? And how do you feel about her new designs?

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