Male Models Cover Get Lucky; Daft Punk Without Masks

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Now that’s something worth mentioning. Daft Punk seems to be the entertaining act everyone wants to engage with, fashion-wise and more. After being part of the Saint Laurent advertising campaign (well, at least a music-designated slice of the entire 2013 SLP marketing initiative), the iconic electro French duo Daft Punk made quite the original presentation for this year’s CFDA Awards.

However, if I were to really judge the appeal of this song, beyond the irrefutable musical value of Daft Punk, I would say that the universal irresistibility comes from Pharrell’s involvement. He just has that addictive quality to his music that nobody can deny. Not even the grands of fashion. Note to Hedi: next time, do engage Pharrell in your projects, you may touch a larger audience than you ever dreamed of!

This wasn’t supposed to be this long, but I had to say what I really think about ‘Get Lucky’: it’s a good title. Daft Punk really got lucky with Pharrell!

And for the 2013 CFDA Awards, a choir of male models performed an excellent cover of the said song while wearing Thom Browne, Michael Bastian and Duckie Brown. It’s a nice try to change the ordinary fashion perspective and I enjoyed it – you can too, after the jump!

male models choir cover Daft Punk Pharrell Get Lucky

On a side note, and just because we can, here’s a picture – blurry, I know, but still – of the French duo Daft Punk sans masks. I know they’re silly and a bit too circussy for my taste, but I think I rather have them with helmets on… They just don’t look electro enough for my liking. They look so… French!(wink)

Daft Punk duo without masks

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#1 Appollonia on 06.09.13 at 9:49 am

They looks so French? Nah, they look like many regular European guys on this side of the continent. These two could be some blokes living in my street.

Pharell contributed? Really? I am not impressed he can do so much better than this!

Why are male models so, so…..ehmm……not manly?

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