Fabric Grace: Underwater Photography, Meg Cowell

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I have an enduring appreciation for underwater photography. The way the texture floats and the wavy moving charm of fabric in an underwater environment is fascinating for my fashamateur eye.

Meg Cowell’s series of underwater photos called ‘To The Surface’ is enchanting and I’d really like you to take a look and feel time floating above you like a piece of costumey fashion. The unbearable lightness of an historical outfit washed out in the magic of underground, brought to life by the versatile source of life and visual enchantment.

amazing underwater photography Meg Cowell

Ghostly fashion for the love of art, that’s what Meg Cowell’s camera delivered though her two parts of the ‘To the Surface’ series. Young and sensual, Meg’s artistic expression is barely starting to show and spread as her work was shown in Melbourne and Sydney and continues to draw attention both online and in the real art-world. Wishing her all the luck in her photographic enterprise, I stand charmed by this epic blend of fashion and visual exploration.

dresses photography Meg Cowell

underwater photography Meg Cowell

emerald dress underwater photography Meg Cowell

Meg Cowell photography

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#1 Appollonia on 06.27.13 at 3:47 pm

Aww, so pretty…..a feast for the eyes…..:)

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