Would You Walk In SJP Shoes?

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Ever since the heat wave carrying Sarah Jessica Parker’s SATC fame started to fade, I started paying more and more attention to her persona and her projects. SATC-free.

And I started to appreciate the person behind Carrie Bradshaw. But as long and as far she wants to stray from the SATC path, life takes her back on that trail. One way or the other. Her latest ‘SATC project away from SATC’ is a shoes (and bags, maybe a few other things) label! Suggestively named SJP and exclusively sold through Nordstrom, the new shoes (and bags) were developed with George Malkemus, the CEO of the famous Manolo Blahnik house, also highlighted by HBO’s original series some 15 years ago (pictured below, alongside his now-partner in shoes, SJP). Ranging from $200-$700, the new SJP shoes promise to deliver catwalk quality at attainable prices (starting January 2014).

Will the footwear be fashionable? undoubtedly so! will the idea pay off? unmistakable so! Will it last? like any other question of morality, I’m inclined to be reserved and wait and see how time will sort it all. If it all goes to pieces, she can always end this collaboration as well, just like she parted ways with Halston not so long ago

SJP shoes with Manolo Blahnik CEO

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#1 Appollonia on 06.15.13 at 10:08 am

No, I don’t care for Manolo Blahnik shoes ‘designed’ by SJP. Why is she still relevant other than related to SATC’s Carrie? It’s a bit sad since I liked SJP in films before SATC.

I loved Cynthia Nixon’s statement recently that SATC was about ‘”true love is just a man who buys you a walk-in closet”.
Sure I have enjoyed SATC really, really a lot. Not a week without it when it was still on the screen.

Miranda and Samantha were my favourites. I felt more related to their characters. I did not dislike the other girls certainly not.
In polls like ‘what SATC character do you want to be’ Miranda always ended up as the nr four. Not surprising that Carrie was always nr one, Samantha nr two and Charlotte 3.

Guess this is for die-hard fans. People who can not let go of Carrie….:)

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