Pink And Carey Hart’s Hart & Huntington Vs Christian Audigier’s Ed Hardy

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This is a special fashion day in the ring today! Come, come closer and take a look at our contestants!

On the newcomer corner we have Pink’s on and off husband, Carey Hart with his Hart & Huntington clothing collection and on the legend corner we have Christian Audigier, representing Ed Hardy! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Carey Hart Pink

Now we all know the stuff Ed Hardy is made of. More Ed Hardy would be dangerous to our aesthetic health. So instead, I’m going to show you pictures of Carey Hart’s collection, as modeled by Carey Hart himself and Pink!

Pink Hart Hutington Clothing collection

They both are ridiculously, ridiculously good looking in a weird kind of way. The tattoo-ish prints do the fashion job they’re supposed to, scaring away any unadvised onlooker! I would have run away myself if it wasn’t for the peace sign they keep showing, that really brought a calm and positive vibe!

Carey Hart Pink Hart Hutington collection

Anyway, I love Pink. Sometimes. She definitely has her good days. Mr Pink, I know nothing about and judging by the looks of this Audigier-ish collection of his, I can’t say I feel more curiosity flying towards him. What bothers me is the kitsch-ish air, the busy prints and the loud clothing manners. What worries me is that competition sometimes spawns monsters and one Christian Audigier was largely enough! Do you think they’ll end up eating each other and happily disappearing from the face of the fashEarth? (via 1, 2)

Pink HH collection

Pink Hart Hutington collection

Pink Hart Hutington 1 Pink Hart Hutington 3 Pink Hart Hutington 4


#1 jason on 10.21.09 at 9:36 am

I have to say whoever wrote this column is a complete moron. If you had done any research what so ever 1st you would have checked your spelling before posting. Its Hart & HuNtington. Second of all the line has been around longer than both douche bag christian and ed hardy. It was established in 03. Undertsnd that maybe his line wasn’t for your narrow minded ideas but carey’s fans! Once again since you know nothing about him, he is a pro motorcycle rider and has a successful chain of tattoo shops. Let me guess, you probably have a “literary degree” that you got on line? Well for me and the rest of carey’s and pinks fans learn to work the google machine before you do another story. Or talk with a true fan like me.

#2 kpriss on 10.21.09 at 10:45 am

It’s true that I misspelled Carey Hart’s fashion label (the correction came after reading your comment, thanks!) and – your comment is written proof – typos do happen. However, Internet-given facts state that Ed Hardy was founded before Hart & Huntington.

Just as I respect you as Carey Hart’s fan, you should respect others for having their own opinions about tattoos, Ed Hardy, Carey Hart, Pink, fashion et caetera.

#3 Adriana on 10.22.09 at 9:44 am

I’ve connection troubles with your site Kpriss……sighs…..try again…..second time is not spontenaous…grrrrr…..

Kpriss, ah, I do not care at all about Mr Christian Audigier and his ugly Ed Hardy hype. Ugh…..
I don’t like Carey Hart’s lingerie line either that much. Except for the polkadot bra but so many brands have bra’s like this… why bother?
I’ve weak sport for Carey and Pink though I heart them. I don’t know exactly why but does that really matter? I like a lot of Pink’s songs. That’s for sure. :)

Try again to post this….

#4 Adriana on 10.22.09 at 9:44 am


#5 Ellington on 10.22.09 at 11:19 am

I had thought that Pink and Carey Hart had divorced?
Well at anyrate if they wish to design clothing, why ever not everyone and their celebrity dog does now a days.

#6 Adriana on 10.23.09 at 3:50 am

Ellington, they separated but never signed the divorce paper but got back together. So they’re still married. Carey appeared in Pink’s video clip So What about this separation. It must be passion? ;) :)

(I’m a kind of a Pink fan……)

#7 kpriss on 10.23.09 at 6:10 am

It looks like they’ve got some serious chemistry there! and I know a thing or two about chemistry ;)

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