Timeless Cate Blanchett Does Harper’s Bazaar Australia, May 2013

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It’s been a while since we last talked about Cate Blanchett, huh? But talking about her has no limit of time or topic, as Cate is just like this May 2013 Harper’s Bazaar issue she’s covering: Timeless!

Photographed by Steven Shee, Cate is as beautiful as always and the cover needs no further styling beyond this simple black and white picture just surfaced. Can you believe that Harper’s cover title quoting Cate Blanchett saying ‘Chaos is my friend’? I honestly can’t. But I guess I’m too much into her Hobbit character to imagine her otherwise but elfishly perfect! Her birthday is next month, May 14th and she’ll be turning 44. Flawless! I would buy this magazine issue for the cover alone, and the promise of reading about Cate inside!

Cate Blanchett black and white Harpers Australia cover

Cate Blanchett timeless Harpers Bazaar Australia


#1 Ellington on 04.03.13 at 11:06 am

Lovely lovely Cate Blanchett. She is just simply fabu! : )
I love this cover with her on it. : )

#2 ana on 04.04.13 at 3:33 pm

Magnificent Cate. Words fall short to describe the feelings of watching her acting.

#3 Appollonia on 04.06.13 at 11:03 am

I agree with you girls about Cate. But come on, that cover is ugly retouched. It hardened her pretty face. The second photo looks weird too. Admit it!

I adore Cate Blanchett. This cover does not serve her natural beauty right. Unless she has fall for botox or whatever too. I sincerely hope she has not!!!

#4 ana on 04.06.13 at 12:48 pm

NOOOOOOOOO! Cate is untouchable !! even photoshop has no power on her !

I hadnt seen it due her magnificence and splendor but now that you said, I see and can not unsee :-/

#5 Appollonia on 04.06.13 at 12:53 pm


You what I am? The one that’s shot every time she brings the bad news but is not guilty on anything….story of my life….:(

#6 kpriss on 04.06.13 at 2:23 pm

it’s always good to have someone opening your eyes. I know what you are: a true friend <3 who tells it like it is.

#7 Ellington on 04.06.13 at 2:58 pm

Appollonia do not feel bad about what you think in regards to this photo of Cate. No one is saying or said anything of a personal attack here.
Yes it has been photoshopped but I still do like it myself. She has not been ‘shopped’ into oblivion as many of these covers shots are.
Oh and I do not find the second photo weird, but if you do its all copacetic. : )

#8 Appollonia on 04.06.13 at 3:11 pm

Okay then :))

#9 ana on 04.07.13 at 2:02 am

Appollonia: Girl, dont get me wrong . I meant that in the same way as kpriss

#10 Appollonia on 04.07.13 at 8:01 am

ana, I know! :D

Thanks all three of you for reassure me!

My role in the game is to be “the messenger” okay? ;) :D

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