Nicola Formichetti No Longer Designing For Mugler

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With Lady Gaga in recovery after having had hip surgery, the news about Nicola Formichetti’s departure from Mugler is raising all kinds of question marks in my head. Isn’t Gaga his muse anymore? Isn’t Formichetti’s style propane-enough to launch and sustain the Mugler label any further?

Until this sudden departure’s mystery will be solved, we only have the delightful speculations to push back and forth, about what lead to the Mugler separation from Nicola Formichetti or viceversa. They said it was mutual, so we put things in whatever perspective we like (‘mutual’ is usually the politically correct explanation for any and all reasons).

Nicola Formichetti creating for Mugler no more

The facts? Nicola Formichetti was a mere stylist (a good one, but still a stylist) before he took the creative helm chez Mugler. With him, the house didn’t just bring a new designer but an entirely new culture. Young. And monstrous – Lady Gaga was Formichetti’s muse, friend and client, so she stood by him every step of the Mugler way, even on the catwalk! But Formichetti’s designer career only lasted two years (or at least that’s what we know so far, that he stepped down, not that he took another creative job for another fashion house), mysteriously ending just when his muse, Lady Gaga only makes the headlines with her latest wheelchair design and not her latest albums or concerts… makes you think, huh?

Lady Gaga parading her wheelchairs


#1 ana on 04.04.13 at 1:12 am

He is going to work at Diesel as first artistic director.

#2 kpriss on 04.04.13 at 4:10 am

oh, I see… Thank you, ana! I wonder if Gaga will follow him there…

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