Stella McCartney’s Lingerie, 2013

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I feel we talked about lingerie so many times before, I don’t need to bring this topic into discussion again. And again. However! (you knew it was coming – wink) I found that the devil is in the details and every tiny stitch counts for the overall comfort feeling. And if a pair of jeans can be slouchier than the next one, we can’t have the same applying to our undergarments. Lace, silk, ribbons and all the wonderful frilly things making a lingerie so beautiful can never be labeled with ‘slouchy’. Or worse: boyfriend style.

Yeah, it definitely looks better on the big screen, a girl in a men’s boxers. But from there into reality, into the everyday reality, like going to the office with a pair of that underneath your skirt… well.. I think I was descriptive enough!

So girly lingerie it is! Stella McCartney, one of the most accessible and enjoyable fashion designers today (remember she’s bff with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson) released her lingerie collection for the new 2013 season (that’s fall – winter 2013 for the fashion amateurs out there who still think fashion follows the weather logic).

Stella McCartney underwear 2013 collection

A single look at the video below is enough to get you in that special Stella mood. Where all you need is comfy, simply structured garments and Sofia Coppolla’s movies to feel the groove. From that to the new season’s trends in lingerie, well, that’s another story altogether. Because Stella McCartney usually is another style story altogether. Her style stands apart. Her fashion is just as particular as Sofia Coppolla’s movies. You can’t just square them into a particular frame or category. You can just swoon and feel comfortable while enjoying it: fashion&mood.

Stella McCartney lingerie 2013 new collection

Stella McCartney lingerie new collection

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