Prada Promotes Careless Chic In Pre Fall 2013 Campaign

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Now since I unleashed the advertorial talk, I should get to it fully, embracing the newly released images from yet another fashion campaign: Prada Pre-Fall 2013. Makes sense, right? Talking about Fall when it’s Spring outside! Nature is soooo last season!

Steven Meisel photographed Irene Hiemstra, Amanda Murphy and Vanessa Axente clutching onto beautiful, simple Prada bags and looking worse for wear, with their hair undone and their clothes unbuttoned. Amid all that strictness following the arrival of Fall fashion, the straight lines and exact patterns of the gingham print, disheveled looks just right.

It breaks the sane pattern. Let’s all lose it in the name of fashion! Yeah, baby!

Prada campaign Pre Fall 2013

Seriously now: at least we can recognize the models and as for the bags – I do believe they’re spectacularly appealing! Wouldn’t mind some gingham pattern in my wardrobe either, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan of the items, but not the look. However, I have to trust Miuccia’s vision, it always lead her towards wonderful fashion places!

pre fall 2013 Prada ad campaign

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