Dare To Wear, Home Edition: Message Pillows By Pilloe

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Yesterday I mentioned a delightful discovery for the home: the bedding sets for girls and boys. Who did appear to be pretty controversial, true, but what’s life without a little controversy? Hoping that today’s little home find will bring a smile on your lovely faces, here I go: no pink, no helmets this time!

Pilloe Company is a young company reaching out for support. And always melt when support is involved, especially for the young creative talents struggling to reach out to wider audiences. Only 5 designs are available for now but, if given the opportunity, I was told they’ll expand to 25. I’m a simple girl, I like a simple design and a simple story. And I can only hope it was also honest and truthful.

Pilloe printed pillows world map

I brought them on board, under our generous ‘Dare to Wear’ umbrella, maybe the’ll get a chance to expand and explore new designs, new creative opportunities to make our sleepy heads even more beautiful than they already are! Especially since they’re not gender-specific (wink). Sure, I like to wake up on a friendly, lovely pillow, instead of one that reads ‘Wake Up!’ in capital black and white. But there are days when that’s needed too…

Pilloe message pillows wake up

Pilloe message pillows glasses

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#1 Appollonia on 04.03.13 at 1:28 pm

Awwww……I love the one with world map. So I can dream of beatiful places and peace on earth……:)

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