Vogue Australia Models Covers Series: Miranda Kerr, April 2013

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Since her last Vogue Australia cover, Miranda Kerr has only gone upwards in solidifying her model star status. A super mom, a super entrepreneur and a super model – not to overlook her role as a super wife to Orlando Bloom. Miranda seems to have it all: starting with her perfect dimples down to her impeccable street style everyone’s looking up to.

What I appreciate the most about Miranda, though, beyond everything I wrote above and what you already knew is her perfect sense of balance. She just keeps a wonderful positively balanced perspective on her diet, her body, her work, her life.

Vogue Australia models covers initiative stretches to a 5 issues series, from which this April 2013 you see below is the second. Lara Stone kick – started it with her March 2013 cover (find that cover as well, after the jump).

Vogue Australia models covers Miranda Kerr April 2013

I waited in vain for a better image to appear, but I couldn’t hold on to this story any longer – I wanted your opinion on it. My pros: I love me a model cover every now and then. Especially when it’s a powerful model – not all models can carry a cover, and I know you agree with me on that one. The colors chosen for this Vogue Australia issue are dreamy and they make me think of some fancy ballerina taking a break from her pointe shoes and trying out some fashionable stilettos.

It’s all balanced and lovely. But (my cons): was there really no other pose to photograph Miranda in? Something more appealing that this one where she looks like she’s picking her nose or fixing her upper lid lipstick traces?

Vogue Australia models covers Lara Stone March 2013

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