Riccardo Tisci Does Self Service With Joan Smalls

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Givenchy’s designer extraordinaire, Riccardo Tisci, brought his muse extraordinaire (which also happens to be one of my favorite models extraordinaire) Joan Smalls, for a Self Service session. With Maciek Kobielski behind the camera and a laid back model-mood.

Although Tisci’s mustache and the angles of the photos or the attitude of the surrounding models hints at a certain type of movies, we’ll just play cool this time, for fashion’s sake (and also because I said that today I’m in a nice, peaceful, tolerant mood) and just keep in mind that I really like Riccardo Tisci’s creative work at Givenchy. Also – I really miss his Haute Couture collections, so if anyone reads these lines, please pass on, I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Riccardo Tisci Joan Smalls Self Service Magazine

Truth being told, this week is so special that I decided to just play nice and be nice with everyone. Including Riccardo Tisci here and his dubious Self Service pictorial (then again, this is Maciek Kobielski’s style)! At least he brought Joan along. That alone is enough to make him a fashion saint in my eyes! For a fashion-minute.

Riccardo Tisci Self Service Magazine

Riccardo Tisci Self Service Magazine Maciek Kobielski

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