Prada Real Fantasies. The Short Psychedelic Film

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There’s a new fashion short film in town! You must see it! No, it’s not that good. None of them is. But it’s the new film in town and it’s a Prada one. Everybody will see it. You must not fall behind!

Real Fantasies from Prada was directed by James Lima, produced by Max Brun with original art work from Rem Koolhaas, Alexander Reichert and Fausto Fantinuoli edited by Brian Durkin and animated by CBSD under the supervision of Craig Weiss.

Also: don’t take your common sense logic under consideration while judging the artistic premises of this short movie. Take only the fashion reality as main coordinate and then jump freely without a cerebral parachute into the abyss of creativity. Wherever that make take you! (via)

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