Oversized & Minimized Fashion: Fall 2013 Stella McCartney Collection

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As we know already, the black & white fashion coordinates of the next fall 2013 season come in many shapes envisioned by the almighty fashion designers and sent down the runway, but all of them coming together at the intersection between menswear and womenswear.

And Stella McCartney knows that crossroads all to well. She does menswear inspired fashion for ladies for years now and everyone loves it. The clean lines, the simple cuts, the roomy silhouettes. Everything in Stella’s Fall 2013 collection seems to have been created with ‘comfort’ in mind.

colors bags shoes Fall 2013 Stella McCartney

A lot of pinstriped fabric, many muted shades of grey, some cobalt blue injections and oh! the purple! I loved that purple gradient repertoire going from deep plum to printed rosé.

Stella McCartney Fall 2013 collection

Notice the bags looking more like folded, huge paper bags or clutched marble stones: I think there’s something very articulately feminine in a large clutch we fold and wear on our hip. Something that inexorably reminds me of carrying my babies on my hip. (am I the only one?)

accessories Fall 2013 Stella McCartney

But the shoes? Oh, the shoes! Really wasn’t impressed with those shoes! Too rubber-y and not too fashion – slick. But I guess we all need to keep our feet away from the snow and mud somehow…

dark colors Fall 2013 Stella McCartney

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