John Malkovich Technobohemian Fashion Online Collaboration

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Remember when we talked about John Malkovich and his fashion brand? It was not that long ago that I actually first discovered that John Malkovich had a fashion brand to begin with, now I’m reading that he’s already getting capsule collections partnerships!

Not bad, for an actor, huh? Starting out his label in 2009, Malkovich tried to establish his refined sense of style with a series of interesting designs for men – not so much in terms of shape and construction but mostly in terms of prints, and mix of fabrics. His brand’s name is actually the best description for his perspective on fashion and I strongly believe that Technobohemian should be placed in that special repertoire or fashion words labeling this or that fashion manifestation.

Technobohemian men fashion by John Malkovich

Back to his capsule collection, though: 17 pieces (mostly summer clothes and accessories) based on old and new design concepts will be available through the Italian e-boutique Yoox dot com in just two days time. Do you think Malkovich’s Technobohemian fashion fame will outshine his acting? After all, what does the new generation know of him? Might as well consider him a full time fashion designer who likes to do movie cameos every now and then…

John Malkovich fashion for men label Technobohemian

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