John Malkovich Opificio JM Clothing New Store

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John Malkovich who has always had a passion for fashion and costume-y dressing (who also, incidentally, studied theatre costuming in his young years) and who just happens to have an Italian wife, started a men fashion enterprise with an Italian designer (Ricardo Rami).

The name of the brand is Technobohemian (whoa!) and John Malkovich, who sketches the designs for his fashion adventure, will bring a pop up store to Paris this Christmas, so that every mortal can enjoy his quirky vision on style. He previously took his Opificio JM pop up store to Milan so I guess people must have shown interest in the $830 suits he put on display… I really like him as an actor, but thinking of John Malkovich as a fashion designer is, I admit, pretty challenging. He does look pretty serious about it, doesn’t he? (there’s a video after the jump, so please judge for yourself!) (more about Technobohemian on the official website here)

John Malkovich men fashion collection

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