Arizona Muse, Lady Spring In Vogue China March 2013

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Now this is how a proper Spring magazine cover looks like! And this is what a lady looks like! Arizona Muse, although always a tomboyish mess in my head, looks so pretty, elegant and romantic in this picture, I couldn’t just look away and ignore it.

Dressed up in Chanel, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, Arizona’s coiffed bob cut (ahem, that’s ‘mom hair‘ for the fashion snobs out there) has a timeless appeal. Especially in such a spring set where the soft pink and purple infused cover hues seem spilled from the very details of her dress.

More: doesn’t this remind you of a Vogue US cover? It has such a star power, that it’s hard to get over the fact that Arizona is just a model. Sure, a very good and praised one, but a model nevertheless!

Arizona Muse Vogue China March 2013 cover

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