Whitewashed Malgosia Bela In Alexander Wang Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

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Talking about Love magazine: Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 ad campaign is breaking into fashion magazines these upcoming months. Only it looks so artsy, it should come with a decryption key. Some kind of code crack for us, normal people to make some fashion sense out of it!

I expected some modern stuff, but this? Alexander Wang’s aesthetic, in my perception, is so much about the modern individual, about the active, artsy side of fashion, that it has become a perfect illustration of the ‘less is more’ philosophy. However, Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven Klein in a statuesque manner leaves little to fashion imagination.

Actually – it doesn’t even highlight the brand’s clothes. And the fact that Wang has previously worked with singer Azealia Banks doesn’t justify the odd whitewashing of this Spring 2013 campaign. I’m just hoping that the will be more images or a video to follow and that they’ll become more clothes – full and less alienesques.

Malgosia Bela Alexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign

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