Azaelia Banks Van Vogue’s Alexander Want’s T Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

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I get such a déjà vu feeling! Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks… who am I to judge? They’re both rapping their way to fame. And doing some fashion along the way too.

(don’t get this: in order to be hype and really show your value on the market, you have to get serious with somebody in the fashion industry? And even if that’s the case: why not sticking with them – designer or artist – all the way? Really creating something, a style. A fashion direction?) So Azealia Banks is the latest to represent for Alexander Wang. (she was Jason’s date at the Met Ball 2012, so it’s no surprise after all). Joining previous artists who were the face of Wang’s label in the past: Santigold, Spank Rock, Die Antwoord.

Below, Azealia raps Van Vogue as directed by Daniel Jackson in the Fall 2012 T Alexander Wang Ad Campaign. (I can’t focus on the clothes – can you?)

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