Saskia De Brauw Laughing For Katie Grand’s Hogan Collection

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If you’re not living in Italy – or at least Europe, chances are the ‘Hogan’ brand won’t sound the least familiar to your fashionable ears. However, Hogan is pretty much like Italy’s Converse. They’re so big that even Karl Lagerfeld created for them.

But who didn’t Karl Lagerfeld create for? This time, Hogan collaborated with Katie Grand who took a break from her mighty Love editorial duties and sketched some sneakers, ballet flats and bags for the Italian label. I don’t know about you, but I really like some of the designs! And what I like the most is that Saskia De Brauw is laughing in the collaboration’s lookbook. And she’s so charmingly unrecognizable! Take a look for yourself after the jump!

Saskia de Brauw laughs for Katie Grand Hogan collection

Being in the fashion magazines business, Katie Grand knew exactly who to get on board to represent her new collaboration (now available chez Colette): Clara Delevigne, Dree Hemingway, Magdalena Frackowiak, Edie Campbell, Maria Bradley. The all – too skinny girls wearing all – too little clothes but all – too cute sneakers appeal to my inner comfy loving fashionista. Actually – I wouldn’t mind one of them cute hearty bags either. You?

Edie Campbell Katie Grand Hogan sneakers

Oh – one more thing – do you think there’s any chance Katie’ll give away a pair of sneakers or a bag with one of her magazine’s issues? It would be so Grand of her (wink)!

Clara Delevigne Katie Grand Hogan sneakers

Katie Grand Hogan bag

Katie Grand Hogan sneakers collection Saskia de Brauw Katie Grand Hogan laughs Dree Hemingway Katie Grand Hogan wedge sneakers

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I like the jumper a lot. The longer version :)

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