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Canvas Sneakers Comparison: Converse Vs Cheap Canvas Sneakers
My Converse love-hate story goes way back. Years have gone by and as refined my (fashion) taste, I started to appreciate rare, special items. It... Read More

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Chuck Taylor Converse Platforms Will Save Wedge Sneakers From Extinction?
Summer is almost here and although flat utilitarian sandals were the catwalk hype for the new season, many of us won’t deny ourselves the pleasure... Read More

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2014 Must Have Fashion Sneakers From Nike, Adidas, Converse
The Fashion Week season is practically right around the corner and you know you’ll need a very comfortable pair of shoes! But these sneakers will... Read More

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Converse Sneakers Collaborates With Black Sabbath Again
What ties Ozzy Osbourne to basketball? A pair of Converse sneakers, of course! Mark your calendars for this is the year when Converse is selling... Read More

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Slip On Sneakers Vs Converse Sneakers
Do you ever question yourself if Converse will still be your next pair of sneakers? I do. A lot. But that’s part of a larger... Read More

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Casual Star Style: Gwen Stefani Dr Martens Boots, Converse Sneakers
Beyond the obvious self branding that a celebrity practices incessantly, we’re always curious to see what our famous ones are wearing. Because, you know, they’re... Read More

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Rita Ora Wears Superga Sneakers
Did I tell you that my next pair of sneakers is going to be from Superga? The Italian sneakers brand grew on me continually and... Read More

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Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Converse For 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet!
Oh, my! How quickly the world turns! The sparkles from the New Year’s Midnight toasts glasses haven’t even faded from memory yet and here we... Read More

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