Sailor Moon, Daria, Betty Boop Wearing Prada & More High Fashion

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We talked about classic Disney Princesses updating their wardrobe, so why not get a dash of Haute Fashion for classic Manga characters as well? I loved Sailor Moon and it was definitely the answer to any wardrobe dilemma.

Actually, magic can be the answer to pretty much any dilemma, but that’s another story altogether. For now, I’d like us all to concentrate on Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and their cartoon – sisters Daria, Jem, Princcess Bubblegum and Betty Boop. They’ve all been through a serious makeover process with clothes from the latest collections: Prada, Givenchy, Alaia, Balenciaga and more offered their inspiration to the crayon born little ladies.

Sailor Moon wardrobe update Balmain

Of course, it’s all due to the witty talent of Jerome LaMaar (or as he goes by the stage name of MonkOfStyle) and none of his drawings were actually designer – approved. So far. But at least we had a good, hearty fun! I always love a bit of fairy tale mixed with fashion – it seems a match made in Style Heaven! (thank you Susie for sharing this!)

Sailor Mars wardrobe update Dries van Noten

Sailor Venus outfit update Celine

Sailor Mercury wardrobe update Prada

Sailor Jupiter wardrobe update Givenchy

Daria outfit update Marni

Betty Boop dress update Alaia

Princess Bubblegum wardrobe update Chloe

Jem wardrobe update Balenciaga

Jane wardrobe update Alexander Wang


#1 Ellington on 01.08.13 at 9:05 am

Ah Sailor Moon and the Guardian Senshi! I loved them and I loved that cartoon. My favourite was and is Sailor Pluto, too bad she is not in this.
Daria was also a favourite of mine as I could totally relate to her point of view.
This is cute, and I like it when fashion world takes some pop culture and plays with it! : )

#2 Lisa on 01.12.13 at 10:59 am

I’m obsessed with this – especially since I was a huge Sailor Moon fan growing up. Only dissapoint is they probably should have mixed up the designers paired with each senshi.

Sailor Moon – Givenchy
Sailor Mars – Balmain
Sailor Mercury – Dries Van Noten
Sailor Jupiter – Celine
Sailor Venus – Prada

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