4 Pregnant Wardrobe Must From Jessica Simpson Maternity Collection

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Jessica Simpson is expecting again. What? We already talked about that. Jessica Simpson is expecting again AND she’s launching a new clothing collection! Teaming up with Destination Maternity, Jessica Simpson is blessing us once more with her luck in fashion by designing and releasing for commercial distribution an entire maternity clothes collection.

And if her previous success means anything, her maternity clothes will be selling out like hot French Baguettes! Especially since People quoted her saying that she included ‘everyday chic, from bright jersey knit dresses to dressed up denim’ in her offer!

How can one deny herself the pleasure of dressing up that blossoming baby bump in pink designs or blue lace for a fancy pregnant look? If regular fashion houses would make additional maternity lines, they’d be striking for gold, alright! (and now hit the jump for the rest of the pregnant wardrobe must have items!)

pregnant wardrobe must have Jessica Simpson maternity

I may have wrapped up my pregnant years (yep, it’s a wrap, sweets, 4 it’s kind of our number. It has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it?) but four pregnancies taught me a thing or two about pregnancy wardrobe. And Jessica Simpson just taught me another valuable lesson: you don’t need to know the difference between tuna and chicken to know fashion! Just look at these pictures and tell me, in all honesty, you wouldn’t want to wear these clothes! Pregnant or not!

pregnant maxi dress Jessica Simpson maternity

pregnant wardrobe must Jessica Simpson maternity

pregnant wardrobe must have items Jessica Simpson maternity

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