Heidi Klum And Seal Are Divorcing!

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Wait, what? When did this happen? What’s wrong with the world? Constant rumors signaling that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are going their separate ways and now Heidi Klum and Seal say that they’re getting a divorce?

Three children and seven years, that’s how long it took them to figure out that they weren’t made for each other after all! I’m really sorry this happened, I always though Heidi and Seal were a match made and heaven and that their four children (Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou) were simply adorable! So, 2012 is not only the pregnant model year, it’s also the shocking separations year!

Heidi Klum and Seal divorcing


#1 Riana on 01.23.12 at 3:41 am

Four children in seven years since Heidi was pregnant when they met. Seal is Leni’s father from the start and has his name.
The seven year itch? I don’t get it when people divorce so fast while there are kids that young involved…..

We must stop idolize celebrity couples. And yes, there’s a lot wrong in this world…

#2 Ellington on 01.23.12 at 10:50 am

Yes there is a lot wrong in the world and I do not idolize celebrities for they often boarder on the ridiculous. But now I have read that Seal and Heidi are NOT divorcing and to me that is good for they have four lovely children to consider.
The thing is marriage is not a simple stroll down lover’s lane, it is journey that can be hard, tiring, exciting, boring, full of good times and bad times. The thing is to work together. My parents have been married 52 years, this year will make in 53 and it has been hard work but they do love each other.
It always annoys me to no end when some people just jump into marriage and as soon as the shine has become a tad dull or they are use to the “shine” they get bored and start looking elsewhere for a new “shine” to catch their fancy.
It is just so jank how people do not take marriage seriously.

#3 Ellington on 01.23.12 at 11:13 am

Oh so now I have read that they are going through with the divorce… what a shame. I hope that the kids will be as alright as they can be through all of this.

#4 Titian on 01.24.12 at 5:44 pm

‘The thing is marriage is not a simple stroll down lover’s lane, it is journey that can be hard, tiring, exciting, boring, full of good times and bad times. The thing is to work together.’

Are you speaing from personal experience? Or do your parents tell you everything about their relationship?

#5 kpriss on 01.24.12 at 9:44 pm

Just in case you missed it, here’s Seal talking about what happened and how he feels. I still can’t believe this is going on, I too, much like everyone else, saw them as pretty much perfect and this is… well,

Like you said, marriage is never easy. Whoever thinks that way is looking at things from a really shallow perspective. It’s more than just a ring on a finger, a great party day or a shoulder to cry on when in need. It’s a life long and deep commitment people should really consider as nothing less.

#6 Ellington on 01.24.12 at 10:00 pm

@Titian, this is something my parents said to me and my brothers during the 50th Wedding anniversary dinner that we gave them.
They were very thankful, grateful, reflective and told us this.
I am glad that they shared this as they were speaking from experience and love. : )

#7 kpriss on 01.24.12 at 10:04 pm

thank you, sweetie, for being so honest and sharing something so personal! That’s what I love the most about you! all of you! You’re always giving the best of your knowledge and emotional experience! (group hug? ;) )

#8 Ellington on 01.24.12 at 10:08 pm

you are ever so welcome… and YES ,a BIG GROUP HUG!!! : )

#9 Riana on 01.27.12 at 1:19 pm

I didn’t want to say it but I hate myself when I’m dishonest. You two did cut off a fair discussion about marriage or relationships.

It’s not all that hunky dory and it happens all the time that relationships with or without a ring fail. That’s a part of life too as much as is it is to have a successful, longtime loving relationship. Everyone wants to be happy one way or another. Sometimes it’s better to split and follow your own path to find happiness or freedom for that matter…. And that doesn’t mean that people who did fail in a relationship are failures or didn’t try to make it work….

I speak from my own experience(s). That’s all.

#10 Ellington on 01.27.12 at 5:16 pm

Riana no one cut off anything. I was just saying what MY parents said to my brothers and me on their 50th anniversary.
And I have seen that it is hard work by watching my parents and some of my friends with their marriages.
And I was speaking from my experience of what I have seen of the subject as well. I have friends who have been married for over 5-10 years and others who divorced after only 9 months.
If you wish to add the other side of the coin, then by all means please do so.

#11 kpriss on 01.28.12 at 11:30 am

I did? I cut what off? It wasn’t trying, I just wrote about how I felt, isn’t that what we do every time? each one of us shares her feelings and we don’t always need to agree, that’s what makes it all interesting :)

#12 Riana on 01.29.12 at 9:04 am

What I understood is “grouphug? ;)” means end of discussion. My bad…I was lost in translation….:)

It’s odd to see Seal everywhere promoting his divorce while he’s promoting his new album to end with the original story….very weird….

#13 kpriss on 01.29.12 at 1:39 pm

true, no, I may have rushed into it since I was transported in the story and Ellington’s sincerity moved me so much! sorry for the confusion, now I get it! :*

so it appears, yes – he’s talking about it everywhere. But then again, people keep asking about the divorce, what could he do? say he doesn’t want to get into it? He’d come across as nasty and cold and then they’d say it’s certainly he’s to blame for the divorce.. You know how people say mean things, especially in the media :(

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