Couples Dressing For A Night Out: Models & Their Boyfriends By Craig McDean

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Going though yet another day with yet another Vogue – talk. Like Carrie Bradshaw once memorably said that upon her arrival in NY she bought Vogue instead of food because she felt it fed her more, we’re constantly going through the pages of the iconic magazine’s latest issue, looking for more treasures to discuss about.

Like this one: Craig McDean’s ‘Here comes the night’ pictorial showing a handful of pretty models and their boyfriends dressed up and dressed down. It’s not a new idea, even for Vogue, we saw it happening before and we loved it: real couples from the fashion industry.

Jasmine Tookes and Boyfriend posing in Vogue

This pictorial should actually be about how to dress for a night out in New York. Don’t try it at home, though, if you’re not one of the following: stylist, model, photographer, creative, fashion boutique owner, artist or a millionaire in the making. Or at least a hipster!

But we love Vogue (or any other fashion magazine) because we love to dream. And we’re not afraid to dream big, are we?

Jasmine Tookes and Boyfriend Tobias Sorensen in Vogue

Above Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen: the she model and the he model. Perfect unison for the fashion catwalk! Below Dree Hemingway and Phil Winser: the model and the foodie creative. Perfectly assorted for the fashion menu!

Dree Hemingway and boyfriend posing for Vogue

Dree Hemingway and boyfriend Phil Winser in Vogue

Vanessa Traina and Mike Snow: the stylist and the photographer. Perfectly convenient coupling in the fashion industry!

Vanessa Traina and husband posing in Vogue

Vanessa Traina and husband Max Snow in Vogue

Poppy Delevigne and James Cook: the model and the poor little rich boy. Perfectly arranged for the fashion or any other industry!

Poppy Delevigne and fiance posing in Vogue

Poppy Delevigne and fiance James Cook in Vogue

Rachel Chandler and Tom Guinness: the photographer and the model turned stylist. Perfectly convenient coupling in the fashion industry. Again.

Rachel Chandler and boyfriend Tom Guinness in Vogue

Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Aaron Young: the hip fashion boutique owner and the artist. Perfectly artistic for the fashion world!

Laure Heriard Dubreuil and boyfriend Aaron Young in Vogue

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#1 ana on 01.21.13 at 9:44 am

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to convince my husband to wear a velvet jacket with those”hideous” splattered Margiela sneakers which I finally found after 3 months of web search!! Girlfriends , do you believe it is SOLD OUT every where ??

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