Fashion With Conscience: Sk8 Recycled Sunglasses

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Would you rather wear a high – fashion profile pair of sunglasses or a distinctively conscious pair like this one? Because if you’re going for the first shades option, you need to know that over 70% percent of the fancy shmancy sunglasses on the market come from Luxottica, not from the individual couture maisons (Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, you name, it, there’s a Luxottica label on it!).

I won’t even bother you with the production costs and the profit margin on a – say – $400 pair of Prada sunglasses! So if you’re opting for Fashion With Conscience, here’s a pair of recycled skateboard sunglasses produced by Diamond Supply Co.. (hit the jump for more details, click here for the gallery!)

Original SK8 sunglasses by David DeWitt

Original recycled SK8 sunglasses by David DeWitt

Sk8 Shades as constructed by South Africa based skateboarder Dave De Witt in his home studio using techniques that no one else uses, look like your original Wayfarers but are made from actual skateboards processed into a new shady life. Custom, handmade sunglasses for almost the same price as your regular, industrial Ray Bans. Which would you choose? (available for purchase here; photography itswhatiminto via)

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