Prada Private Customizable Prada Sunglasses

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Finding the perfect gift (be it for Christmas or any other special occasion) could be a very tricky operation. From the hours we spend planning the gift list to the days we spend walking from shop to shop, hunting those special gifts could end up being more stressful than pleasant.

Prada decided to step up in the couture business with a breakthrough in accessories: customizable sunglasses. From now on, you can own the very same pair of sunglasses as your friends without being exactly the same. How? PradaPrivate offers you the possibility to change the arms of the shades or changing the symbols inserted in each arm – you can choose letters or symbols to update your look. The PradaPrivate Sunglasses can be bought from selected Prada and Sunglass Hut stores for $365. What would you rather have? A drawer filled with sunglasses (all shapes and colors) or a single customizable pair? (via)

Prada Private Customizable sunglasses

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