Barney’s Slimmed Down Minnie Mouse And Daisy Duck

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I was reading this heated protest campaign reclaiming Barney’s Disney characters slim down. And I thought about our kids. Who happen to watch Disney classics and love every second of it! Especially when it’s Mickey Mouse clubhouse time! And you know what? It’s all in our heads!

Controversial Barney s Slimmed down Disney charactersOur kids don’t see those distorted images. We do!

Because we’re already body conscious and culture – aware.

Our kids watch all kids of strange looking cartoons characters without even asking why the head is 10 times bigger than the body or why Mickey Mouse’s ears don’t move when he turns his head around (random examples).

So really, aren’t we making a big deal out of this already?

Sure, they slimmed down Minnie and Daisy, sure they look like shadows of the classic characters we used to see. But let’s not put this on our kids’ shoulders. It’s between us, grownups. So let’s deal with it in a grown up manner: it’s an ad campaign. Mean to draw attention / customers. Let’s just ignore it and it would just be an epic fail.

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#1 ana on 10.23.12 at 12:34 pm

Typical kind of outrage made up just to increase traffic views.
As you said Kpriss, a non issue.

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