What’s Your Workspace Style?

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Remember when we were looking inside your bag, see the treasures hidden within? This time it’s pretty much the same thing, only it’s about your desk. Your Workplace. How does it look like?

What’s your workplace style? order in chaos, fashionably lined up, all-in-reach? How do you keep it all? Here’s something to help you get an idea, some workplaces I found across the internet. Some are artsy, some are downright messy, but hey, as long as we remember what’s in, I guess it makes it alright! (hit the jump for more images, click here for the gallery!)

Joseph Holmes Workspace Jo s Kitchen Desk

Whether you’re an artist or a mechanical, there’s something magical about your workspace and how you keep it all together. It’s how you have it all mapped out in your head and then how you lay it all out on your desk. Joseph Holmes’ Workspace project is magical and regardless the form, he manages to put it all in an artistic light.

Joseph Holmes Workspace Chickie s Shoe Shine

However, let us not forget the bloggers! The way they work seems to carve out tomorrow’s news world. Where bloggers blog is a series of photographs taken by Ivan Terestchenko. (photos courtesy Ivan Terestchenko, Joseph Holmes) (via)

Joseph Holmes Workspace CH auto repair

Joseph Holmes Workspace Brooklyn Heights Cinema

Ensuite blogs from the kitchen Ivan Terestchenko

Tomorrow started blogs workspace Ivan Terestchenko

Scott workspace workspace Ivan Terestchenko

Nick Heywood workspace Ivan Terestchenko

Ensuite blogs workspace Ivan Terestchenko

Sean Blogs workspace Ivan Terestchenko Tomorrow started blogs Ivan Terestchenko Scott blogs from here Ivan Terestchenko

Justin workspace Ivan Terestchenko Joseph Holmes Workspaces Andy Cohen Bravo Joseph Holmes Workspaces CBGB

Joseph Holmes Workspaces Ganmar Electronics bench Joseph Holmes Workspaces Industrial Antiques Joseph Holmes Workspaces Logantex fabrics

Joseph Holmes Workspaces Mareb Iron Works Joseph Holmes Workspaces New York Times digital Joseph Holmes Workspaces Phototech camera repair

Joseph Holmes Workspaces Playthings magazine Joseph Holmes Workspaces Shawn Dulaney studio Joseph Holmes Workspaces Supreme memorials


#1 Adriana on 02.23.10 at 12:30 pm

Sometimes the kitchen table, sometimes I’m in the workroom next to the sewing machine and my chaotic pinboard. Right now I sit on the couch with a sort of bank/bed table watching the 10 km speed skating in Vancouver…..to put it all carefully aside when the Dutch guys are on the track……brrrrrr……

#2 Ellington on 02.23.10 at 4:50 pm

I find it depends on what it is that I am working on really. And sometimes I find that I am rather nomadic as I never seem to work in the same area twice, but I am very neat. ;)

#3 Rob Schneider rules on 02.23.10 at 9:12 pm

I have no stagnant work area as I teach and we don’t have our own, assigned classrooms. So I pack up my books, pens and papers at the end of each lesson. Apart from that I have a drawer in a filing cabinet where I keep my handbag and extra pieces of paper. Simplify your workspace if you can – who needs all that junk!?

#4 s. on 02.27.10 at 6:44 am

The floor of my bedroom, because my table is not big enough to work with din-A2 and din-A1 and my table usually looks like the one in the first photo (I’ve got this bad habit, I stack papers with old drawings, materials, moleskines, sketchbooks, etc. on it).

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