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How To Radically Change Your Look: Ewan McGregor
I may have mentioned it a couple of times, but I won’t get tired of saying it over and over again: I have a serious... Read More

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LG, Ewan McGregor And The $16,000 TV!
I was watching out for Ewan McGregor news because I heard about a certain sequel project being considered, a sequel to one of my favorite... Read More

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Advertising, The Bond Style: Ewan McGregor Citroen Commercial
While going up and down the interwebs today, I came across something pretty interesting I thought you might appreciate, despite of it being an auto... Read More

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Ewan McGregor Advertising For Belstaff
This September, not only will we see Brad Pitt trying to sell us Chanel No. 5 Perfume, but also Ewan McGregor representing for Belstaff. The... Read More

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Ewan McGregor’s Menswear January 2012. Fashionable Movies
One of the Men of Style we’ve covered here is the very talented Ewan McGregor who just happens to get fashion recognition through yet another... Read More

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Stunning Famous Portraits By Lorenzo Agius
A stunning series of photos was presented before my eyes by the ultimate viral powers of all things Internet. Signed by Lorenzo Agius, they come... Read More

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Ewan McGregor Is A Fantastic Man This Fall Winter 2009 2010
There goes GRRR…. McGrrregor. Ewan McGregor. He’s covering the Fantastic Man magazine, their Fall/winter 2009/2010 issue. Before anything, let me just state the clear as... Read More

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