Amanda Seyfried Goes Miserables In Vanity Fair, Vs Magazine

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I told you I was going back to Amanda Seyfried and her two magazines stories! It’s all about Les Miserables, don’t you forget that – Anne Hathaway, Amanda… (and who knows what’s next). Taking the cover of Vanity Fair’s UK December 2012, as a classic beauty, flawless, but classic nevertheless. Thus a bit boring; and losing it for Guy Aroch in Vs magazine.

Sure, the Vanity Fair images are fashionable but I realized I like it better when fashion magazines take risks and turn a story on its tail, making it new, breathing new life and new fashion into it, just like the talented Vs people did in Amanda’s case. So how about you? Do you like to play the dangerous fashion game?

Amanda Seyfriend Les Miserables Vanity Fair Vs Magazine

Amanda Seyfriend stylish vs rebel

Amanda Seyfriend Vs photographed by Guy Aroch pretty Amanda Seyfriend Vanity Fair UK december 2012

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