Scarlett Johansson’s Hitchcock V Magazine Psycho Cover

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With the launch of Hitchcock in mind, the talented people at V Magazine hired Jean Paul Goude to do an amazing cover. Scarlett Johansson – who’s playing Janet Leigh in the Sasha Gervasi directed Hitchcock project is really unrecognizable in the cover image.

Which is good, right? That means she’s very into character (the film revolves around the legendary 1959 Psycho). And I like that JP Goude didn’t capitalize on her blond voluptuous beauty like so many before him. And that’s just the idea of a ‘Girl Power’ issue (as announced by the cover titles).

If it were up to me, I’d say this V Magazine Winter 2012 issue is a great one, just by judging the cover alone. We’ll see if I’m right. (until now, we only got word of Rihanna & Kate Moss getting all cozy, which wasn’t all that good)

Scarlett Johansson V Magazine s Hitchcock cover

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