What Do You Think About Beyonce’s $32 Earrings?

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Beyonce’s politic views are no longer a secret for anyone (remember she was the one who performed at the Inauguration Ball, when the President and the First Lady danced to a heartfelt interpretation of Etta James’ At Last legendary tune as flawlessly interpreted by Bey). But as much as she’s (rumoredly) snubbing Kanye’s current girlfriend (need I remind you, for future reference: that’s Kim Kardashian we’re talking about and her Kanye earrings), Beyonce is catching up to the names – earrings trend.

As such, she was seen wearing a pair of golden Obama hoop earrings. Which isn’t all that strange after all. Except the said hoops, designed and sold through Erika Pena’s shop, have a $32 price tag. Impressively affordable, huh?

Beyonce s affordable golden Obama hoop earrings

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