Mila Kunis Out, Jennifer Lawrence In Miss Dior Bags Campaign!

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Mila Kunis may be Esquire’s sexiest woman, but as far as Raf Simmons goes, she’s not suitable for Dior’s Miss Dior bags campaigns. Jennifer Lawrence, however, is. Because she’s the one who took Mila’s place in the said campaigns.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior I’m sure whatever the styling, bows and retro looks are part of the Dior menu, so expect Katniss to take a lesson from Jackie O.’s book of fashion.

I wonder how Mila feels about this. After all, when I read her Esquire interview, she did seem a bit bitter about the freebies thing… Catfight?

(Marion keeps representing for the Dior house, though. I hope she goes on forever as a Dior girl!)

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