How About H & M’s Fashion Family Collection?

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And I thought I was the only one striving to get everyone in matching outfits for family outings! I won’t even begin to tell you the headache I get when we’re getting ready for parties! Coordination is the key and my fashion sense is put to every (im)possible test !

However, I may not rub this family fashion thing in the right way. And you know why? Because, unlike many others, I wasn’t a mom & me kind of girl. Actually, my mom didn’t really play that fashion game with me at the time. So, my fashion family sense is unharmed and downright enthusiast.

Those of you who played the mom & me matching fashion game when you were growing up: care to share your feelings about such style doings? Because there’s this amazing new collection from H & M called Fashion Family Collection that I’ve been meaning to check out this week! (there’s a video after the jump, it may clear some things up. Too bad about the snub – ish attitude of every model starring in the video! Fashion should be about fun, not about pouting, making angry or bored faces. The pictures look way funnier!)

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