Mother – Daughter Matching Outfits From Calypso

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Here’s a lovely initiative from Calypso: their latest ad campaign involves mothers & daughters wearing matching tunics. It’s not so much about the tunics but about this generations – marketing I’m fond of. “Generations of Style“, mothers & daughters of various ages wearing matching outfits. Because we’ve all played dress – up when we were little and our mother’s closet had no more secrets we didn’t personally tried on.

Calypso Mommy and Me Campaign Michelle Paige (former first lady of New York) and her 23yo daughter are part of Calypso‘s initiative (as reported by wwd), as well as Annie Georgia Greenberg (Refinery29 editor) and her mother, Ella, among many others. Isn’t it sweet?

I recently came forward about my nasty fashion habit to match the family’s outfits. It’s actually more of a coordination than identical match, so you needn’t worry, we don’t look like something out of a paint box. An example: you’ll rarely find either of us wearing chinos while the rest of us are wearing jeans or the other way around. Or (all) the boys wear jeans and the girls wear dresses (or linen pants). It’s that kind of outfits matching I’m after.

Calypso Mommy and Me Tunics

But, much like our friend Ellington pointed out, we don’t wear identical outfits except for special themed occasions (like weddings and themed parties, yes). And those too revolve around white & blue or some other color. But mainly white. So you see, we’re actually pretty basic at matching and coordinating outfits. (phew! Feels good to have that out of my chest – I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea).

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