Classic Art Meets Contemporary Fashion: Street Stone

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Paging the Sartorialist: old, European males dressed casually posing artistically! Oh, no, he missed that one! Behind the brilliant Street Stone project, Alexis Persani and Leo Caillard who joined their creative efforts and came up with something visually stunning and fun!

I think the images speak for themselves, and should they ever get a stamp of approval, they’d make a lovely advertising campaign for one of the casual clothing labels we’re used to see in our modern stores. The unexpected association of classic stone sculptures and jeans or checkered shirts has a striking visual impact on our retina and furthermore on our brain. Untrained to experiment this type of associations, our cortex is much likely to get imprinted with the commercial message carried out through this amazing computer manipulations!

Street Stone project

And even beyond the symbolic teaming of classic and modern, there’s the unquestionable masterful execution of this Street Stone project which you can see evolving in a short clip below. Makes it look so easy, doesn’t it? (more about it here and here)

classic meets modern fashion Street Stone project

modern statue Street Stone

outstanding photoshop Street Stone

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