Kate Moss About Johnny, Her Life & Her Fashion And Her Addictions

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Kate Moss tells all in Vanity Fair interview As expected, Kate Moss was pretty insightful in her interview with Vanity Fair. Today, as the online version was published, pretty much everyone quoted this and that from Kate’s cover story. And there’s a lot to quote from: her Calvin Klein ads with Marky Mark, her refusal to model without clothes on, how nobody gave her food when she was starting in the business and how Jonny Depp took care of her and how she cried when they were over. There’s more. Here.


#1 Riana on 10.31.12 at 11:03 am

Interesting interview.

#2 ana on 10.31.12 at 11:14 am

I liked it too. It sounds very sincere.And I totally believe she was never in that stuff.

#3 Riana on 10.31.12 at 11:36 am

So do I. Overall she seems like a sincere and fun person to me. That’s why I still like her.

#4 kpriss on 11.01.12 at 6:45 am

… and why I changed my mind about her!

I loved the interview. She seems so down – to – earth and enjoyable! Nothing pretentious or precious about her. She seems good in her heart, her head and her life, I love that!

#5 Riana on 11.01.12 at 8:03 am

I love her even more when the Daily Fail bash her when she’s careless about her looks. “Looking disheveled” is the word they love to in this case hahaha…..well, I wish I look disheveled as Kate! Bathing in the sunshine au natural, walking the dog on wellies or uggs in the Cotswolds …must be fun to meet her in a pub and have pint…or two ;)

#6 kpriss on 11.01.12 at 8:19 am

I was amazed by her paps – strategy! She said something about wearing the same clothes being boring and thus discouraging the random / professional photographers! It’s the smartest thing I heard from someone in the industry!

#7 Ellington on 11.01.12 at 9:24 am

I like Kate as a model. She is one of the best and she has style.
But I do not find interesting her “little girl lost life”.
I was happy for her when she married, she has seemed to found some quiet joy and that is wonderful.

#8 Riana on 11.01.12 at 10:52 am

I love Kate as a model and a person because she doesn’t even try to pretend she’s perfect.
I do not like Naomi’s tantrums at all but these girls were so very young at the scene. I can empathise with the “lost youth story”. Kate is lucky to be more laid back while Naomi is probably born with a temper. She should have sought a good therapist.

#9 Ellington on 11.01.12 at 3:40 pm

There is a difference between being a “lost youth” Riana and being a “little girl lost”.
What I do not care for about Kate is how she says that she looks to others for affirmation about who she is and for male protection. I can sort of understand that kind of attitude when one is so young but when one is a grown woman in her late 30’s? Its like she takes no responsibility for what she did or what she does. I do not admire that.
Naomi is an outstanding model but as a person… YIKES! :P

If I have to say whom I like and admire in the modeling world as an allrounder I would have to say Christy Turlington and Iman have my vote and admiration. : )

#10 Riana on 11.01.12 at 5:39 pm

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I see the difference. English is not my mother’s tongue.

Kate made herself vulnerable with this confession. So a target for criticsim. That alone take guts. We can not judge why she’s so insecure. To me she comes across as being insecure. That happens to lots of people no matter what age or profession or even their background. I do not judge Kate for what she did or does. She didn’t harm anyone else than herself and her loved ones whom still love her. So she can not be that bad. (Unless Naomi whom did harm people. We’ve discussed this in the past yet.)
Kate seems doing fine these days with her new family life being married to Jamie. It’s possible this interview is a step forward or even a big step in “growing up” and pick up her responsibilities for the way she lives her life these days.

#11 Ellington on 11.01.12 at 8:03 pm

Yes, it was a very vulnerable interview. I like Kate’s work, I hope that she and Jamie have many happy times ahead of them.

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