Best Ad Campaign Ever: A Child’s World In Cam’s Vision

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(this odd – looking Maison Martin Margiela H & M ad campaign reminded me of a wonderfully visual advertising moment I saw a while back. So here I am, trying to erase the odd memory from our minds.)

It comes with the territory: when you have children, you’re being introduced to this entirely new dimension. A spiritual and physical one as well. Before you get to bond and share the magic that is your child’s imagination, you’re forcefully entering a spiraling galaxy: the baby stuff galaxy.

There’s just so much! Everywhere! And you have to get to know everything, fast! From the right type of nursing bottles from the exact amount of diaper rush balm and going through the necessary stock of hair chairs and right walking shoes or colorful pacifiers! I don’t even have to tell you that when the kids were little, I had a pacifier in every bag! If I was running errands and I needed a pen, I would take out wet napkins, pacifiers, baby rattles and whatnots from my bag before nailing the pen I needed! (hit the jump for more visual amazingness)

most beautiful ad in the world cam

But fear not, it’s in our DNA! You never even knew you had it in you all this time! This images below made my eyes misty on spot. Because underneath all those headspinning baby stuff stocks, there’s this incredibly imaginative, the purest of algorithms going on in a child’s magic mind! And Cam put it all on print with a little help from the DLVBBDO agency in Milan, Italy. Just click the image for larger view (be warned, though, if you’re a sensitive soul, keep your handkerchief close too!)

one of the most beautiful campaigns for kids

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