Rachel Weisz Premieres Bourne Legacy In France Wearing Nina Ricci White Dress

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My dahlings? Have you seen The Bourne Legacy? Yep, that’s right, I’m talking about the latest installment in what seems to be the Bourne movies series. But even if you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil you the fun. I’ll just open your eyes on this and that detail that caught my attention.

Elegantly outfitted Jeremy Renner and the ever so lovely Rachel Weisz take The Bourne Legacy to France. For the movie’s Premiere Red Carpet at the Deauville Film Festival, Rachel is wearing an elegant, timeless chic white dress from Nina Ricci. (the most similar model I could came up with is the short one from the Spring Summer 2011 collection. I’m not fully convinced it’s the same one, but the asymmetrical ruffles of the skirt indicate in this direction)

Rachel Weisz Bourne Legacy Premiere France Nina Ricci white dress

As always, Rachel is glowing and her perfect smile could make me easily forget any dress she could be wearing. Happily, Rachel’s stylist is in total accord with her personality and only compliments her with each and every official occasion outfit. As for Jeremy Renner, he put to shame any Bourne review crayoning him as the “working class” hero. He looks like a regular James Bond for this occasion, so…

Rachel Weisz Jeremy Renner Bourne Legacy Red Carpet France

What I’m trying to say, is that this new Bourne character (I’m not looking to spoil your movie watching fun, so I’m not going to tell you who and what he’s playing in this Legacy flick) is pretty convincing at what he’s doing. In and out of the big screen. If you’ve watched the movie, reading these lines will try to jog your memory as to what builds the action character played by Jeremy Renner. And it’s highly probable that you find none in particular. Because Jeremy Renner was built to look like one of us.

With no particular style, no fashion fetish or predilection, Jeremy Renner, as his character from Bourne Legacy is ready to blend in the crowd. Like any good spy does. Only Renner does it even better. And he knows how to up the style ante for a Red Carpet premiere like this one.

Jeremy Renner clothes in Bourne Legacy

Responsible for his Bourne wardrobe is Shay Cunliffe. The same Costume Designer who did The Bourne Ultimatum’s costumes (and 2012, He’s Just Not That Into You among others). But don’t be tempted to take the “costumes” term literally. You won’t have much to chew on fashion – wise when it comes to Jeremy Renner’s wardrobe in the Bourne Legacy. Or Rachel Weisz’s for that matter. Your average seasonal wardrobe is certainly more interesting and more spicy than what you’ll be seeing in this Bourne flick. But what’s also certain is that you’ll forget about the clothes. The action is, if not necessarily brilliant in all cases and surely not golden stitched when it came to the rough scenario / plot, was active enough and plausible enough to carry you through the two hours of movie (curiously, I didn’t even realize the movie was so long!).

But don’t expect James Bond when you’ll be watching this Bourne edition! Don’t expect Mission: Impossible either! Like I said: expect something of “working class hunk” level. Built it from there and you’ll enjoy watching this movie! (if you’re looking for more insights on the movie, try here)

Bourne Legacy characters chase

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