Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Back Together. Possibly. Maybe.

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What? You weren’t expecting otherwise, I hope? November is closing in fast, they had to do something, right? (November is when the latest installment of the Twilight saga premieres on the big screen) Plus, I can imagine the financial strain they would’ve put on the organizers if they were to travel separately! (that’s ironic, duh! but it is what the organizers said they feared.)

Kristen Stewart back with Robert Pattinson During the last two weeks, contradictory reports have been circulating, ever since Kristen herself talked to the press at the TIFF, implying that she and Robert Pattinson were “totally fine”.

(do hit the jump for more details about the Robsten drama and a bonus video with Kristen talking about her Florabotanica experience!)

Everybody went crazy after that, trying to read between the lines. Then more news about them not getting back together surfaced, with articles even describing how torn the Twihards really are because of this story. Some, apparently, even became aggressive with Kristen, trying to break into her car.

But, after all, it appears that they are getting back together. Let’s see how this unwinds over the following weeks leading to the Twilight premiere. And how the fans will react!

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