Cherri Bomb Shake The Ground (The Avengers Soundtrack)

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(it’s obvious why this choice for Friday Break, isn’t it?) Yes. It’s because we talked about The Avengers. And because we talked about feminism. Also because this type of music / girls band using music to protest is so fashionable right now (yes, it’s about that “riot” thingie).

So: Cherri Bomb Shake the Ground for your consideration today. Have a wonderful weekend, my dahlings and always, always keep true to your heart!

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#1 Riana on 09.16.12 at 8:52 am

I won’t do what I’m told!! Keep that in mind when it comes to me. I’ll never learn ;)

So they used the name of a Runaways song. Nice compliment. Song is a bit superficial but on the other hand freedom of speech when really necessary is never ever a just “thingy”. And it’s always in fashion to raise your voice when needed in my book. Don’t need to explain that right? :)

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