Loki Changes Suit From Thor To The Avengers

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One of the most beloved characters in the latest movie releases was Loki. Straight from Thor into The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston’s character broke as many hearts as he did movie set props. For some reason, people love Loki. His heart is as black as the night (that is if he even has one to begin with) but Loki’s appetite for show-off and his spectacularly grandiose taste made legions of fans. Even more than the original Marvel comic books had.

Being that he’s such a show off, as I said, Loki strikes me as a fashionable character. He likes to dress up and he likes to make a strong impression on those whom he meets (notice I didn’t say “long lasting impression” since few people survive after a close up meeting with Loki). So let’s talk about Loki’s costume for a moment.

Loki s suit from Thor to The Avengers

(we talked about Iron Man’s costume, why wouldn’t we talk about Loki’s as well? After all, both Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hiddleston have enriched their characters with their personal charm). Why this talk? Why now? Because The Avengers, my dahlings, are being released on DVD worldwide! (also because Thor 2 is currently filming). And if you need more reasons: because the weekend is upon us and we have something called “movie night” every Saturday night, when possible, in our little frizz – household. (wink)

So: it’s like talking the subtle changes of sartorial trends from one season to another: Loki’s costume changed since he first appeared in Thor. When The Avengers came out, some particular details about Loki’s costume and helmet were telling their own stories. The materials were visibly worn and torn. Because, you know, since Thor, Loki has been traveling high and low to feed his appetite for destruction.

Tom Hiddleston s Loki suit from The Avengers

Also: his helmet got even more thorn – y. His horns got bigger. Meaner. And you know why? Because – as Charlie Wen, The Avengers’ visual development supervisor said – “the curve that comes outwards towards you but curves back towards him. That gesture is pretty aggressive at the beginning, then curves down towards his spine. It does more of a whiplash thing towards the audience or whoever he’s looking at. It’s already a type of in-your-face-thing.”

So how did you feel about Loki’s costume? Was the costume helpful in identifying his true play?

the suit worn by Tom Hiddleston as Loki suit in The Avengers

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