Alabama Shakes Hold On

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Oh, I’ve been loving this piece for so long, I forgot to mention it to you! But I’m going to make up for the lack of Friday Break last Friday by bringing it today: Alabama Shakes Hold On. It’s really a great song through and through, it’ll spice up your Hump Day!

(and, just to talk coincidences: I came across the video – I didn’t know they had one – while browsing a bridal boutique’s blog. Let me explain: I missed this Friday Break because we were invited to a wedding. I was reminded about that because I found this piece I really love on a wedding – related blog. Sometimes, the littlest things hide the greatest surprises…) if you want to know more about Alabama Shakes, you can head on to their website here.

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#1 Riana on 09.26.12 at 12:47 pm

I love you! I LOVE the Alabama Shakes. I first saw them at the one and only Jools Holland ‘Later’ show and was sold. Then my fave Dutch radio programme let them perform. Then the love was complete! I bought their album Boys and Girls and this song has been a hit here. Marvelous, what a voice Brittany has.

For everyone who is annoyed with ‘undressed’ or ‘underdressed’ female singers: this is the real deal. Wonderful music, honest and pure.

Darling Kpriss, I say it again: let’s go out and dance. We’re gonna have fun. Thanks for this hopes people are going to listen.

Hold on! :*

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