Fashionable Headphones: Crocheted Bow Headphones

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Fall is coming (seriously? wink) so you might want to keep those lovely ears au chaud while listening to your favorite podcast.

I’ve been such a sucker for all things headbands and hairbows all my “fashionable” life. I couldn’t, for the style of me, overlook this sheer gorgeousness! The crocheted bow headphones made my day! Handmade (by Traci Medeiros – Bagan), vintage, sweet and girly, this is definitely one to have and to keep this season! (and, why not, diy, if it pleases your heart!)

Let’s not forget about the knitting revolution going on! Crocheting is so hot right now! Traci Medeiros – Bagan is one of those traditional artists with a crafy mix’n’match mind and I love her for that! Oh, and if you want variation, Traci has it all covered: you can opt for either a simple crocheted headphones piece or the black cat headphones. Either way you’ll have it, you’ll be a showstopper! (and a Guerrilla one too! wink) You can buy Traci Medeiros – Bagan’s goodies here. Find out more about Traci here.

Crocheted bow headphones red

Crocheted headphones

Black cat crocheted headphones

Simple crocheted headphones

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#1 Ellington on 10.01.11 at 9:03 am

These are so cute! Headphone cozies! : )

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