Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone Vogue Paris September 2012

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Feeling the heat already? The golden girls (yes, you can take it as a reference to the Olympics Closing Ceremonies as well) of Vogue Paris. Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone take the September 2012 covers of the magazine (you can see larger images, after the jump) as photographed by Mert and Marcus.

As I’m making real efforts to understand how come that Kate, a British (super)model, Daria, a Canadian (super)model and Lara, a Dutch (super)model can represent and sustain an image shift in Vogue Paris, I fail remarkably. Because, my dahlings, the covers we’re seeing now are just the avantgout of an editorial re – imagining of the French Vogue, with, as reported by wwd:

“a cleaner, airier design, with remodeled typography and the use of a craft-paper-like brown background — both of which hark back to its look in the Sixties and Seventies. […] the aim was to reaffirm the magazine’s point of view with a chic, timeless identity. “Vogue Paris must have a Parisian point of view,”

Daria Werbowy Kate Moss Lara Stone Vogue Paris September 2012

So you see, Vogue Paris is pushing it back to the sixties and seventies with a little help from three international glorified models who have been regulars in the pages of VP both under Emmanuelle Alt and her predecessor, Carine Roitfeld. We should also make another side – note: from all the French designers they could’ve picked for a total “Parisienne” look, they went with Dolce & Gabbana (for the cover dress)? Pardon my French, but “what the…?” (also – we’ve already seen this same – dress more covers back in 2008, couldn’t you find something better, something of your own spawning, Emmanuelle?)

Daria Werbowy covers Vogue Paris September 2012 in black Dolce dress

Yes, of course we can always be duped with a “no boundaries to fashion” discourse, with a “fashion knows no countries, no nationalities” speech. But in the light of what has been stated above as the aim of this re – style of Vogue Paris, all is but dust in the wind. Emmanuelle Alt is trying to adjust VP to her personality. Which, if we’re to judge by her wardrobe, is oscillating somewhere between boy – ish, androgynous 90s beauty and 70s careless “love me as I am”. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s nothing to blame in having a coherent wardrobe. You know that’s one of my principles in fashion and life in general. Coherence.

Kate Moss covers Vogue Paris September 2012 in black Dolce dress

But Emmanuelle Alt’s style lacks polish. Lacks glamour and feminine substance. Pretty much like these covers. They’re all wearing the same dress but only Kate Moss seems to be allowed to have the best of it (pose & dress arrangement). And I fear that’s because she (Kate) took it to this level, not because she listened to the editorial suggestions. Bottom line – there’s something missing. You can’t always put all your money on skinny jeans & boy – ish shirts, Emmanuelle. You have to bring that extra something. Like Kate Moss did with your covers: yes, she’s wearing the same dress, but look at her shoulders, look at her hemline, look at her head! She’s wearing the dress and we can all see that.

For the moment, Vogue Paris is wearing you, Emmanuelle. And you’re beginning to feel it crushing you. Don’t let it if you want to get out of this chin up! Have fun with it. Allow the sparkle in! We’re loving the sparkle! Don’t we? (oh, and just as a positive side – note: I’m so happy they changed the typography! I honestly think Vogue Paris had to have the busy-est, most annoying, nerve – wracking salad of Italic, Bold and all types of fonts in the world of fashion magazines!)

Lara Stone covers Vogue Paris September 2012 in black Dolce dress


#1 ana on 08.13.12 at 6:18 am

Girl, you hit the nail on the head. Agree with everything you said. it hurts me to admit : Kate looks the better.
Emmanuele will be out as soon as her “romance” with one top executive of Conde Nast ends.
I call it climbing the ladder, she calls it romance, whatever…

#2 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 7:58 am

…that explains a lot! ;)

#3 Riana on 08.13.12 at 8:30 am

Wow! Did it rain stars on your end too Kpriss? Another outstanding piece!
I agree with you both girls. And after last night watching Kate after her night out before the event; they may photoshop her to death do us part on my account.

#4 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 8:41 am

(bow again) thank you! It matters so much!

Sadly, no. We had heavy clouds this year. Last year we lying in the grass for hours watching the Perseids! Maybe next year? I read there’s going to be another shower on October 20th (here)?

#5 Riana on 08.13.12 at 8:53 am

Ah, thanks so much for that link. The city lights were such a bother. It took me like 45 minutes and some cold feet, a painful neck until I could catch a falling star and made a wish…:)

Back to the topic; I hardly recognize Lara and Daria looks ill.

#6 Diyana on 08.13.12 at 8:59 am

Lara, she doesn’t look happy or supermodel on that picture.
She looks sad and tired.

#7 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 12:47 pm

we’re lucky to be off city limits – nights like this make us appreciate that even more ;)

Lara looks unrecognizable, I totally agree! Like they’ve drained all her personality – like she’s just another fashion drone. And she’s not like that :( You’re right, Diyana. She’s far from a supermodel!

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