Bent Swollen

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I could count so many reasons for which Swollen from Bent is one of the best choices for this week’s Friday Break! (think Louis Armstrong and watch the video, to name just one)

But my dahlings? It’s the end of August! Let’s make it a peaceful, harmonious one! Bent’s Swollen is all about love. And I just keep talking about love today. And 90210! (if you remember, BH90210 ended in 2000. Well, Bent here recorded and released Swollen in 2000. Wicked, huh?)

But that’s not how I came to know Swollen. I was listening to a lot of Café del Mar back in the 2000s. A lot! And Swollen was among the tracks compiled in the 7th album of the collection. (also, on a more personal note: this is dedicated, as always, to my Adored Husband! Because, you know, I’m such a hopeless romantic, always in love with him! Since forever!)

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